Listening to Music Can Be Beneficial to Your Health


Music is a powerful force that can have a great impact on our lives in ways we never imagined. According to research, listening to music heightens positive emotions through the nerve centers of our brain, stimulating and causing a release of dopamine in our brain that causes us to feel elated and good. In fact, listening to music stimulates every part of the brain, suggesting that music plays a much greater role in our health than we ever imagined. Here are a couple of ways that music is beneficial to our health.

David Gianulias

David Gianulias

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Music has shown to prevent anxiety and decrease the heart rate. It can help bring down systolic blood pressure and cortisol levels, all which are related to stress. According to a study, researchers found that patients who listened to music while recovering from post hernia repair surgery experienced decreased plasma cortisol levels and did not require much morphine to deal with pain. Another study involving surgery showed that patients found listening to music to be more powerful than the stress reducing drug, anxiolytic.

In recent studies, it has been revealed that performing music may have a calming effect on the body. The study revealed choir singers singing the same piece of music tended to synch up their heart rate and breathing that produced a group-wide calming effect. The research included a study of over 200 premature babies exposed to various forms of music such as; instruments played by a music therapist, and lullabies sung by the parents while recovering in a neonatal ICU. The results were quite shocking, it showed that the stress levels reduced when the babies heard their parents singing.

David Gianulias was in the music business while he was in college. He has an impressive collection of over 250,000 songs.


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