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Newport Beach California


One of the most beautiful and exciting places to travel on the west coast is Newport Beach California. David Gianulias is was born and raised in Newport Beach, where his grandfather Charles Hester began the business that he is now President and CEO of, G Companies. Newport Beach holds a special place in Gianulias’ heart.

David GianuliasIt could also hold a place in your heart, if you come and see all of the wonderful opportunities that Newport Beach has to offer. Depending on when you come, it could be restaurant week, a great chance to experience the world class local cuisine, or you could come to celebrate music during the Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series.

Sunset cruises, wine tastings, surfing, sailing, hiking or live entertainment are all available in Newport Beach, and you will likely find plenty of relaxing and fun things to fill your time during your stay.
If cinema is your passion, you could come during Newport Beach Film Festival week and get your fill of the newest up and coming independent films. If you want some excitement, come during the week of the Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race.

Or if you prefer to come and just enjoy all of the wonderful shopping, championship caliber golfing or a spa day, you can have a more relaxing experience and just soak up the wonderful Newport Beach lifestyle.

Whatever life you lead, whatever vacation you desire, Newport Beach has something for you. Take a chance, and plan your visit today.

Music and Your Mind


Recent studies are showing how music can affect your brain. Plenty of people enjoy music, but can listening to it actually make you mentally sharper? It’s possible.

Some studies are suggesting that listening to music can improve your visual and verbal skills. Children participating in one of these studies went through a basic music course, and were able to understand words better as a result of the class.

Other studies are suggesting that listening to music can protect the brain from the effects of aging. It’s possible that music can be tied to information, and then music can aid in the recollection of that information, including memories.

David Gianulias

David Gianulias

It’s also possible that music can boost your creativity if used as ambient noise. If the music isn’t too loud or too soft, it could improve your creative thinking and increase your efficiency. David Gianulias is a very successful CEO, President and Founder of several companies, and he attributes some of his success to his love for music. He has over 250,000 digital songs in his collection.

If you actually receive training in music it could greatly increase your motor and reasoning skills. If you are an exercise buff like Gianulias, you may find that listening to music while you exercise can distract your mind and body from feeling fatigue, potentially allowing you to push your limits while you exercise.

Music is not only enjoyable for most people, it’s also possibly a tremendous benefit to your brain functioning and mental health. Consider adding music in to your work day and see how much it can benefit you.

Safe Boating Tips


Whether you are an experienced boater, it is always important to review boating safety rules and regulations before you leave the dock and head out into the water. Here are a couple of boating tips you can use.

David GianuliasTake Note of the Weather

When you are planning to take a boating trip, you will need to check the local weather conditions before you leave. Listen to the radio and TV weather report and look for any darkening clouds on the horizon. The weather can quickly turn bad, and you do not want to be caught out on the water in bad weather.

Pre-Departure Checklist

If you want to enjoy your boating trip, you will need to have a pre-departure checklist and check through the list carefully before you leave. Following through the checklist will make sure that no formality or safety precautions have been overlooked.

Use Your Common Sense

Lack of common sense can be a costly affair. Common sense is one of the most important parts of boating. Make sure you operate the boat at a safe speed at all times. When you are at the helm, you will have to stay alert at all times, and steer clear of other vessels and watercrafts. Buoys and navigational aids are put in place in the water to help people navigate, and are meant to be strictly followed. Do not try to navigate your boat in areas you are not allowed to go, you will put yourself and others in danger.

David Gianulias enjoys spending time sailing on his boat.

How to Spot Good Wine


Several people believe that good wine has to be expensive and old, and if it’s not expensive or old, then it could not possibly be a good wine. However, that is not necessarily the case with wine. With so many different wines available, how do you know which ones are good are which aren’t? The basic rules of wine tasting are; swirl it, sniff it, and sip it. But there is more to learn about spotting good wine. Here are a couple of tips you can use to choose good wine.

David GianuliasCheck the Back Label

Don’t just read the front label and choose your bottle of wine. Look at the back label and read it for more information about the wine in the bottle. The back label will contain information about flavors, aging, fruits, processes, etc. Look out for any information or stamps of approval like reviews or awards. It is also recommended to ask for recommendations.

Sniffing the Wine

Sniffing and swirling wine are two rules of wine tasting. Check for its “slender legs”, the slender lines of liquid that run down the side of the wine glass. The slender legs give you an idea of the alcohol content in the wine. When you sniff the wine, what do you smell? Apple? Peppers? Oak? Honey? The juicy aroma of fruit is the aromas the nose knows. If your nose tells you it is bad, believe it! Your nose is the key to tasting wine; it helps you identify flavors in the wine.

Sipping the Wine

Sipping the wine is when you let your tongue do all the talking. Let the liquid move around your tongue. Try to identify the taste, and use your taste buds to see how many flavors you can pick up. If the flavors linger on your tongue, you know you’ve got a balanced, complex wine.

David Gianulias founded Levendi Winery to continue his family’s legacy in winemaking.