How to Spot Good Wine


Several people believe that good wine has to be expensive and old, and if it’s not expensive or old, then it could not possibly be a good wine. However, that is not necessarily the case with wine. With so many different wines available, how do you know which ones are good are which aren’t? The basic rules of wine tasting are; swirl it, sniff it, and sip it. But there is more to learn about spotting good wine. Here are a couple of tips you can use to choose good wine.

David GianuliasCheck the Back Label

Don’t just read the front label and choose your bottle of wine. Look at the back label and read it for more information about the wine in the bottle. The back label will contain information about flavors, aging, fruits, processes, etc. Look out for any information or stamps of approval like reviews or awards. It is also recommended to ask for recommendations.

Sniffing the Wine

Sniffing and swirling wine are two rules of wine tasting. Check for its “slender legs”, the slender lines of liquid that run down the side of the wine glass. The slender legs give you an idea of the alcohol content in the wine. When you sniff the wine, what do you smell? Apple? Peppers? Oak? Honey? The juicy aroma of fruit is the aromas the nose knows. If your nose tells you it is bad, believe it! Your nose is the key to tasting wine; it helps you identify flavors in the wine.

Sipping the Wine

Sipping the wine is when you let your tongue do all the talking. Let the liquid move around your tongue. Try to identify the taste, and use your taste buds to see how many flavors you can pick up. If the flavors linger on your tongue, you know you’ve got a balanced, complex wine.

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