Safe Boating Tips


Whether you are an experienced boater, it is always important to review boating safety rules and regulations before you leave the dock and head out into the water. Here are a couple of boating tips you can use.

David GianuliasTake Note of the Weather

When you are planning to take a boating trip, you will need to check the local weather conditions before you leave. Listen to the radio and TV weather report and look for any darkening clouds on the horizon. The weather can quickly turn bad, and you do not want to be caught out on the water in bad weather.

Pre-Departure Checklist

If you want to enjoy your boating trip, you will need to have a pre-departure checklist and check through the list carefully before you leave. Following through the checklist will make sure that no formality or safety precautions have been overlooked.

Use Your Common Sense

Lack of common sense can be a costly affair. Common sense is one of the most important parts of boating. Make sure you operate the boat at a safe speed at all times. When you are at the helm, you will have to stay alert at all times, and steer clear of other vessels and watercrafts. Buoys and navigational aids are put in place in the water to help people navigate, and are meant to be strictly followed. Do not try to navigate your boat in areas you are not allowed to go, you will put yourself and others in danger.

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