Music and Your Mind


Recent studies are showing how music can affect your brain. Plenty of people enjoy music, but can listening to it actually make you mentally sharper? It’s possible.

Some studies are suggesting that listening to music can improve your visual and verbal skills. Children participating in one of these studies went through a basic music course, and were able to understand words better as a result of the class.

Other studies are suggesting that listening to music can protect the brain from the effects of aging. It’s possible that music can be tied to information, and then music can aid in the recollection of that information, including memories.

David Gianulias

David Gianulias

It’s also possible that music can boost your creativity if used as ambient noise. If the music isn’t too loud or too soft, it could improve your creative thinking and increase your efficiency. David Gianulias is a very successful CEO, President and Founder of several companies, and he attributes some of his success to his love for music. He has over 250,000 digital songs in his collection.

If you actually receive training in music it could greatly increase your motor and reasoning skills. If you are an exercise buff like Gianulias, you may find that listening to music while you exercise can distract your mind and body from feeling fatigue, potentially allowing you to push your limits while you exercise.

Music is not only enjoyable for most people, it’s also possibly a tremendous benefit to your brain functioning and mental health. Consider adding music in to your work day and see how much it can benefit you.


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