It can be hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from. Genealogy, or family history is a quest for your origins, a journey to discovering your roots. By doing genealogy, you can find out who your ancestors were, where they came from, and what challenges they faced.

David GianuliasDavid Gianulias was born and raised in Orange County California, but is of Greek descent. Gianulias also happens to be an extremely successful businessman. He’s President and Founder of Levendi Winery, President and CEO of G Companies, President and Founder of Rockshore Investments and Vice President and Co-Founder of Innovation Spirits.

Gianulias takes great pleasure in researching his family history. He’s extremely proud of his grandfather, Charles Hester, who built over 60,000 homes and played a pivotal role in the construction of the beloved American landmark, Disneyland. He has taken after his grandfather and father in his business smarts and great work ethic.

Gianulias has also taken on the project of tracing his family’s history all the way back to ancient times, to see the true foundation upon which the Gianulias family is built. The journey towards this incredible goal is akin to puzzle solving, historian style.

If you want to being researching your family history, it’s simple enough to get started. Reach out to your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and get as much information as you can. Stories, birth dates, marriage dates, and the places where these life events took place is a great starting point.

By searching for your past, you can better define who you are, and where you are going.


About David Gianulias

David Gianulias likes to be active and stay in shape. He also enjoys the outdoors. He often goes mountain bike riding. It helps him relax and unwind and also gives him a chance to get some fresh air. Mountain biking may be challenging at times, but it is one of his favorite hobbies and pastimes and some he tries to do as often possible.

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