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David Gianulias – Tips For Wakeboarding


David Gianulias is a successful winery owner and the president of a real estate development company. Although he is very focused on running his companies, he also likes to have fun in his free time. One of his favorite hobbies is wakeboarding. If you want to try wakeboarding, consider these tips.

David Gianulias

David Gianulias

Staying Balanced

You can use the tension on the rope to help you stay balanced but there will be times with the rope will be slacked, especially during a jump. Make sure you know how to land balanced without having to stable yourself with the tight rope.

Staying Safe

Make sure there is someone with you at all times in case you have an accident or problem. You never want to go wakeboarding alone or with just the driver. The boat driver should be watching the water you there should be someone else to watch you. You should also follow all laws regarding wakeboarding and wear a lifejacket at all times.

Learn the Terminology

If you are going to be a wake boarder you need to know the terminology and the name of the tricks you are doing. This will help you become better and is necessary if you ever plan on competing or wakeboarding with others.

Wakeboarding can be a lot of fun and is a great way to experience the outdoors and enjoy the water. David Gianulias considers wakeboarding one of his favorite activities and if you decide to try it, you may like it too.