David Gianulias – Tips For Wine Competitions


David Gianulias is a winery owner and one of his favorite things to do is enter his wines in competitions around the world. If you have a wine that you think deserves an award, you may want to enter it into a competition. Here are some tips to help you win.

David Gianulias

Bring a Wine That Is Unique

When you choose a wine to take to the competition, choose your most unique and interesting one. Judges will taste a lot of wines in a competition, so it becomes important to make sure yours is memorable and something they will want to talk about and continue to try.

Take Suggestions into Consideration

If you have let people try your wine before the competition, consider their suggestions and make the necessary changes to the wine before you take it to the competition. Your customers and fans know what is good and you may benefit from their suggestions.

Learn From Previous Competitions

You may or may not win your first competition, but you can learn from it no matter what the outcome. The judges may give you comments and you should take them into consideration before you go to the next competition. Remember every judge is different so one judge may not like your wine but another one could love it.

When you have a wine you are proud of, you want to share it with the world. Entering your wine into competitions is one of the many ways you can do that. David Gianulias has won many awards for his wines and spirits.


About David Gianulias

David Gianulias likes to be active and stay in shape. He also enjoys the outdoors. He often goes mountain bike riding. It helps him relax and unwind and also gives him a chance to get some fresh air. Mountain biking may be challenging at times, but it is one of his favorite hobbies and pastimes and some he tries to do as often possible.

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