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David Gianulias – Give to Others like a Philanthropist


David Gianulias is a successful businessman and a dedicated philanthropist. He is involved with several different causes within his community and comes from a family of humanitarians. He believes that it is important to help those who are unable to help themselves and to give back to your community. There are several ways for you to help others like a philanthropist does.

One way to help your community is to donate funds to non-profit organizations and charities that help those in need. Every penny counts with these organizations, and they all would appreciate a small monthly donation. These organizations use donations to provide resources to people in need and to keep shelters and other charities running.

If you are unable to make monetary donations every month, but want to help your community, you can donate goods. Several non-profit organizations and charities provide food, clothing, books, and toys for underprivileged families. Go through your closet and pull out the gently-used clothes you do not wear anymore. Or go through boxed of old toys and donate the ones that are in good condition.

Another great way to help your community is to donate your time. Shelters, food banks, and other organizations always need volunteers. Spend a few days a month helping these organizations and people who are in need.

David Gianulias believes that it is important to help others and to give back to the community. He works with several different charities, non-profit organizations, and hospitals in order to help those who are in need.


David Gianulias: 3 Ways to Give Back to Your Community


David Gianulias is a successful businessman who regularly gives back to his community. He comes from a long line of humanitarians and hopes to continue that legacy. He contributes to several nonprofit and charitable organizations in his city. He is also involved with a project called The American Dream, which focuses on providing affordable housing for families and first time home buyers in various parts of Los Angeles, California. He is a compassionate man who wants to do everything he can to improve his city and better the lives of other people.

#1. A great way to give back to your community is to volunteer your time. Most cities are filled with various nonprofit organizations that are desperate for volunteers. If you have a free day each week, take the time to volunteer with an organization that you believe in. It is also a great idea to take your children if you are a parent. It is important to teach young people the value of volunteering and helping other people. Spending a day each week serving in a food bank or working with a nonprofit can help improve someone else’s life.

#2. If you have a schedule that is packed full, you can also make financial donations. Look through the nonprofit organizations in your area and read about what they do. You can pick one or two and provide monthly donations. Many nonprofit organizations are lacking in funding and need resources in order to keep running.

#3. You can also consider donating goods. Go through your closet to find gently used clothes that you do not wear anymore and take them to a homeless shelter, church, or Salvation Army. You can also look for local food drives and donate a bag of food to people who need it. David Gianulias believes in helping others and works hard to better his community.

David Gianulias – How to Succeed in Business


David Gianulias is a talented businessman who has several successful companies. He often lectures at University of California, Santa Barbara on entrepreneurship and how to succeed in the business world. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and businessmen, and has worked hard to build his own legacy. There are three easy steps to succeeding as a businessman.

David Gianulias

The first step is to develop a strong business model. A business model is an abstract representation of an organization. It addresses the financial arraignments, and the methods that the business will use to generate a profit. A strong business model will help your company succeed in the long run, therefore, it is important to take the time to study the business models of successful companies.

The second step is to generate the proper amount of funding before your company opens its doors. Startup costs can be high. Before you even consider opening your doors, you first need to plan out all startup costs, as well the everyday costs of running your business. By taking time to look at the financials, you will help your company make a profit rather than take a loss in those first few months.

The third step is to stay motivated. Starting and running a business is hard work, especially during those first few months. You will need to dedicate the majority of your time and money to your business and maintain your drive. David Gianulias is a successful businessman because he is ambitious and dedicates himself to each of his business endeavors.

David Gianulias: What it Takes to Succeed as a CEO


CEOs have a high powered position that comes with a lot of responsibility. David Gianulias is not only on the Board of Directors for G Companies, the President and CEO of Three G Development, but also a Founder of Levendi Winery. He runs multiple companies that vary significantly in industries. He enjoys the challenges of being an Executive and is always looking for new ways to make his companies profitable. Not only is he dedicated to all his current companies but also relishes in discovering new business endeavors. His successes have proven that he knows what it takes to succeed as a CEO.

A successful CEO should be able to multitask and manage several different accounts at once. It also doesn’t hurt to have an Executive Assistant that you can trust to handle multiple projects at once, relieving you of all the minor items that require your attention. These successful CEO professionals are able to take on any issue that comes their way, and are able to handle any crisis. CEOs often need to conduct several meetings, take on several projects simultaneously and are highly skilled multitaskers who are highly focused on their company.

A successful CEO must have great people skills and the ability to recognize certain personality traits that could be beneficial to ensure that the best of the best employees are a part of their company. The high level businessmen also need to meet with potential business partners and other companies. Great communication and people skills can make contract negotiations and meetings go smoother. It is vital for success that these professionals enjoy interaction and socialization with others. Nowadays, it seems as though, “Networking makes the world go round”.

Successful CEOs are often innovative. As technology advances and marketing strategies change, it’s important for CEOs to advance their companies as well. Successful CEOs are willing to make changes in their company and adapt to new trends. A prosperous company keeps current on popular marketing strategies and follows important technological advances. David Gianulias is a highly innovative CEO who is always looking for ways to creatively expand his companies and gain a better online presence.

David Gianulias – How to Contribute to Your Community


David Gianulias has a long family legacy of giving back to the community. His grandfather, Charles Hester was a builder in Orange County and built an array of structures there. Most notably, he helped build the Hoag Hospital as well as the CHOC hospital. Gianulias’ mother, the daughter of Charles Hester, is also involved with these hospitals, and devotes a great deal of time and energy into her charitable work. David Gianulias is following in his family’s footsteps and works hard to give back to his community. Not only is he involved with both of these hospitals, but he also contributes to an organization for fallen officers and various animal shelters. If you want to contribute to your community, here are a few simple steps to follow.

asian businessman

The first step is to find a cause that you believe in. Are you devoted to helping underprivileged families find affordable homes? Do you want to spend your time helping defending the humane treatment of animals and supporting no-kill shelters? There are dozens of worthy causes that need time, energy and resources. However, you should pick a few that you truly believe in so that you are able to offer them your full attention. Consider what your community is most in need of, and choose an organization or charity that supports that cause.

The second step is to consider what your cause needs the most. Is it a charity that requires donations? If that is the case, you can either donate yourself, or you can help fundraise. If you do not have the financial freedom to donate regularly, fundraising is a great option. Give that charity your time by spreading awareness and asking for small donations from those around you. Some organizations require labor over funds. If you chose a cause that is dependent on volunteers, spend a weekend helping that organization. You can also contribute by asking your friends and family to join you in volunteering.

The third, and final step is to spread awareness. Whether you are supporting an animal rights organization, or helping a hospital find funding, it is important to spread information about your cause. In the day and age of social media, this is a simple task. Post about your cause online, and talk about it with your friends and family. Non-profit organizations and charities offer help and relief to those who are unable to help themselves. These organizations are dependent on donated resources and volunteers. One of the best ways to help these organizations is to spread awareness and help market them so that they can find additional funding.

David Gianulias is dedicated to serving his community. He is involved with the CHP 1199 Foundation for fallen and injured officers, as well as many other non-profit organizations and charities.

David Gianulias: How to Succeed as a Homebuilder


David Gianulias is a third generation home builder. His grandfather, Charles Hester, was one of the original homebuilders of Orange County whom had begun building in 1947. There are many companies that build residential properties throughout the United States. However, there aren’t too many that truly put into detail the passion and concerns of the future families that will be residing in one of their homes. This tradition is instilled in each Gianulias generation. David is on the Board of Directors of G Companies and the President and CEO of Three G Development, which develops real estate in California. He is a skilled businessman and dedicated to building homes to benefit the lives of future families.

Succeeding in a competitive industry can be very difficult for obvious reasons. A company that builds residential homes should follow several business practices in order to gain success and beat out their competition. The first step to success to consider is easy…location, location, location! A homebuilder should look for undeveloped parts of the city that are in ideal locations. Most families want to live in homes that are in a good school district and are easy commutes to business hubs and shopping centers. When looking for a new piece of land, a homebuilder should keep each of those factors in mind.

The second step to success is for the homebuilder to work with skilled contractors, subcontractors, and construction builders to build a home that has secure foundations and is built to last. Therefore, it is important for these professionals to work with skilled men and women who are able to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship. It is essential to build a safe and sturdy home that will last for years to come.

The third step to success is marketing. A homebuilder should be able to market his or her properties well. By doing so, this will help in bringing in potential home buyers and/or renters. Homes should be priced so that it’s comparable with the competitors’ size and style of the home. By also widely marketing your homes it increases the demographics and herby reaching a larger target audience. David was born into the home building industry, but continues to work hard to keep his companies up-to-date with new changes that ultimately leads to their success.

David Gianulias: The Secret to Making Amazing Wine


Wine has a long history that spans across the world. David Gianulias comes from a long line of Greek wine makers. He’s a third generation homebuilder who grew up sampling his family’s homemade wine. The Gianulias family recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.  It is just now becoming a brand the public is beginning to recognize. The Gianulias family opened Levendi Winery in 2003 and has made an assortment of delightful, award winning wines that are widely distributed today. David learned early in life that the secret to making amazing wine is multifaceted. He loves the challenges that being in the beverage business bring and the creativeness that comes out through wine making.

Award winning wine is often the result of a knowledgeable winemaker. A vintner, or wine maker, should understand the differences between species of grapes and should be able to combine flavors in order to create a fragrant and delicious wine. A good vintner understands the history of wine making and has a working knowledge of a wide array of techniques and practices. A great wine is almost always hinged on a winemaker’s skill set.

Amazing wines are often made from a recipe that has been passed down for many generations. These long standing recipes have been perfected over time and vintage a delectable, traditional wine. People have been and will be making and enjoying wine for centuries and centuries to come. Many families pass down the tradition of wine making, and share special secret recipes that most often craft the greatest of wines.

A winemaker who regularly produces phenomenal wines is willing to get creative with his or her recipe and method. Experimenting with flavors can often result in the creation of unique new out of pure serendipity. David Gianulias has all the qualities to create wines that carry on the traditions of his family recipes, and award winning wines that have unique flavors and fragrances.