David Gianulias: How to Succeed as a Homebuilder


David Gianulias is a third generation home builder. His grandfather, Charles Hester, was one of the original homebuilders of Orange County whom had begun building in 1947. There are many companies that build residential properties throughout the United States. However, there aren’t too many that truly put into detail the passion and concerns of the future families that will be residing in one of their homes. This tradition is instilled in each Gianulias generation. David is on the Board of Directors of G Companies and the President and CEO of Three G Development, which develops real estate in California. He is a skilled businessman and dedicated to building homes to benefit the lives of future families.

Succeeding in a competitive industry can be very difficult for obvious reasons. A company that builds residential homes should follow several business practices in order to gain success and beat out their competition. The first step to success to consider is easy…location, location, location! A homebuilder should look for undeveloped parts of the city that are in ideal locations. Most families want to live in homes that are in a good school district and are easy commutes to business hubs and shopping centers. When looking for a new piece of land, a homebuilder should keep each of those factors in mind.

The second step to success is for the homebuilder to work with skilled contractors, subcontractors, and construction builders to build a home that has secure foundations and is built to last. Therefore, it is important for these professionals to work with skilled men and women who are able to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship. It is essential to build a safe and sturdy home that will last for years to come.

The third step to success is marketing. A homebuilder should be able to market his or her properties well. By doing so, this will help in bringing in potential home buyers and/or renters. Homes should be priced so that it’s comparable with the competitors’ size and style of the home. By also widely marketing your homes it increases the demographics and herby reaching a larger target audience. David was born into the home building industry, but continues to work hard to keep his companies up-to-date with new changes that ultimately leads to their success.


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