David Gianulias – Are you Ready for your First Wine Tasting?


Archaeological evidence has established the earliest known production of wine from fermented grapes during the late Neolithic site of Hajji Firuz in the northern Zagros Mountains or early Chalcolithic in the northern edge of the Middle East.[13] The earliest chemically attested grape wine was discovered at Hajji Firuz in the northwestern Zagros Mountains, ca. 5400 BC. Both archaeological and genetic evidence suggest that the earliest production of wine may slightly predate this, with the earliest wine-making likely having taken place in Trans-Caucasia (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), through the region between Eastern Turkey, and Northwest Iran.

David Gianulias

Wine is an experience that is shared by people all over the world. David Gianulias is the president and founder of the Levendi Winery. He is a businessman and entrepreneur in California, who grew up among winemakers. He decided to incorporate his family’s tradition into a business, and entered the beverage industry. An important part of wine culture involves wine tasting events.

David Gianulias

A wine tasting is a great way to try new wines and discover new favorites. If you have never been to a wine tasting, then you are missing out on a great experience. Before you go to your first wine tasting, there are a few preparations that you should make. First, keep your mind open. The best way to have a full wine tasting experience is to try everything the winery has to offer. Do not pass up a wine because you have never cared for that…

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About David Gianulias

David Gianulias likes to be active and stay in shape. He also enjoys the outdoors. He often goes mountain bike riding. It helps him relax and unwind and also gives him a chance to get some fresh air. Mountain biking may be challenging at times, but it is one of his favorite hobbies and pastimes and some he tries to do as often possible.

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