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David Gianulias: Tips For Building Your Digital Music Library


David Gianulias loves music of all different genres. He is proud to have built a digital music library that consists of over 250,000 tracks. They include some of his favorite bands and artists. If you want to build your digital music library, these tips can help.

Search For Free Tracks

Some of the biggest online music stores also offer free tracks. You can browse these stores and take advantage of the free tracks. As long as they are downloaded legally, there is nothing wrong with finding free music online.


Many artists and bands will offer free digital music downloads on their websites and social networking pages. These tracks are often free and only available for a short time to boost the artist’s fan following. The songs may also change from time to time. If artists do charge for these tracks, they are often cheaper than the cost to download them from online stores.

Public Domain

Public domain sites offer free tracks that can be downloaded. Public domain music is music that is free to the public and can be downloaded by anyone. As long as this music is used for personal reasons, you can download as many public domain songs as you want.

Everyone loves music and the best way to enjoy it is to download it digitally so you have it on all your mobile devices. David Gianulias has worked hard to build his digital music collection. The above tips can help you build yours too.


David Gianulias: Enjoying Wine To The Fullest


David Gianulias is passionate about wine and even operates his own winery. If you love wine, you want to make sure you are enjoying it to the fullest. These tips can help you taste, smell and experience your favorite wine on a different level.

Let The Wine Breathe

If you want your wine to be as tasty as possible, you should let it breathe for several hours before you drink it. This is especially necessary for red wine. The older the wine, the less time it needs to breathe; the younger, the more time it needs. This allows the flavor to become more robust.

Enjoy The Aroma

A lot of the enjoyment from wine comes from the aroma. Make sure you do not hurry to drink it before you enjoy the aroma. Swirl the wine around in your glass for several seconds before taking your first drink. This will release the fragrance.

Swish It

You want the wine to coat your mouth when you drink it. Take a sip and swish it around in your mouth before swallowing. You may even want to spit out the first sip after you have tasted it. This allows you to get a direct taste of the wine. Remember to breathe in as you are tasting it to get the full experience.

David Gianulias produces over 30 types of wines at his winery. Each one of them has a unique taste. To truly enjoy wine, follow the above tips to learn how to use all of your senses to experience it.

David Gianulias: Public Speaking Tips


After leading Levendi Winery to success following its founding in the year 2000, David Gianulias has been called upon to give lectures to budding entrepreneurs, sharing his experiences with them. This means he needs to be comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, which is something that many people find difficult. If you find yourself struggling to make a splash as a public speaker, try to keep all of these pointers in mind.

Practice Constantly

Public speaking is rarely something that comes easily to people, which is why the best often spend hours practicing what they are going to say away from the stage. Not only do you need to practice the specific speeches and lectures that you create, but you also need to work on your body language and delivery if you are going to become capable of engaging an audience and holding its attention for the duration of the presentation.

Take It Slow

Many people who are uncomfortable with public speaking end up rushing from the moment that they hit the stage, which leads to mistakes piling up and audiences becoming less engaged. Instead of doing this, you should take it slow and establish your control over the room before speaking. Look around the room and take a deep breath to settle yourself before you start talking, as this will serve to calm your nerves and get you ready for the speech.

Own Your Mistakes

There will be times when David Gianulias flubs his lines while he is giving a lecture. It happens to even the best public speakers and it is really nothing that you should worry yourself about. If you do happen to make a mistake, try making a joke about it or just move on without giving the error more attention than it deserves. If you can’t move on from the mistake, you are likely to make more as you continue talking.

David Gianulias: How To Form Business Relationships


During his time in the real estate industry, David Gianulias has come to understand the importance of networking and forming strong business relationships. Doing so not only allows a company to enhance its reputation, but will often also lead to the creation of new opportunities for business growth. Forming these relationships is not always an easy task, so try to keep these tips in mind if you are new to the world of business.

Be Authentic

Fellow professionals will quickly be able to tell if you are not being honest with them, or you are trying to convey yourself as something that you aren’t. Inexperienced businesspeople should not present themselves as though they have many years of experience, as this could lead to the relationship souring before it has the chance to develop. Be yourself and be completely honest about what you and your business can offer to others.

Be Human

While business should be a priority in these sorts of relationships, you will find it difficult to form them if you are not going to make an effort to be personable with others. Many business relationships develop because there is a foundation of trust and mutual respect to build upon. This is very difficult to build if you are not willing to talk about yourself as a person or show interest in the lives of your connections outside of work.

Always Deliver

David Gianulias always makes sure that he is able to deliver on any promises that he makes to his connections. This is one of the most important rules when forming and maintaining business relationships. If you don’t deliver on a promise, your connection will be far less likely to present you with more opportunities, which can often be detrimental to your company and may end up with you developing a bad reputation.

David Gianulias: Qualities All Great CEOs Possess


David Gianulias is an experienced businessman and is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of G Companies, having ascended to the role in 2007. Managing an entire company is a difficult task, as you must be capable of making decisions that have a positive outcome for the business over the long-term, in addition to having the management skills to provide direction to a large group of people. In order to be a success, it is important for any CEO to have the following qualities.


A lack of enthusiasm for the company that they run and the tasks that need to be completed to ensure the business becomes a success can spell disaster for CEOs. Everything about the business must be approached with a positive attitude, as this ensures that productivity is kept high and the employees of the company have a reason to keep working as hard as possible. A lack of enthusiasm indicates a lack of passion, which is something that no CEO should be without.

Forward Thinking

CEOs are responsible for deciding on the future of the business, which means that they must be capable of making decisions with the long-term prospects of the company in mind. A short-sighted CEO will often make rash decisions that place the company in a difficult position later on down the line. While it is not always easy to sacrifice short-term gains in order to gain long-term prosperity, good CEOs will understand the importance of doing just that in order to achieve success.

Networking Skills

David Gianulias has a talent for creating connections with other people, which has proved vital during his career. Good CEOs must be capable of forming business connections and networking appropriately so that they can create relationships that may lead to the development of opportunities for the company later on down the line.

David Gianulias: 3 Ways to Give Back to Your Community


David Gianulias is a successful businessman who regularly gives back to his community. He comes from a long line of humanitarians and hopes to continue that legacy. He contributes to several nonprofit and charitable organizations in his city. He is also involved with a project called The American Dream, which focuses on providing affordable housing for families and first time home buyers in various parts of Los Angeles, California. He is a compassionate man who wants to do everything he can to improve his city and better the lives of other people.

#1. A great way to give back to your community is to volunteer your time. Most cities are filled with various nonprofit organizations that are desperate for volunteers. If you have a free day each week, take the time to volunteer with an organization that you believe in. It is also a great idea to take your children if you are a parent. It is important to teach young people the value of volunteering and helping other people. Spending a day each week serving in a food bank or working with a nonprofit can help improve someone else’s life.

#2. If you have a schedule that is packed full, you can also make financial donations. Look through the nonprofit organizations in your area and read about what they do. You can pick one or two and provide monthly donations. Many nonprofit organizations are lacking in funding and need resources in order to keep running.

#3. You can also consider donating goods. Go through your closet to find gently used clothes that you do not wear anymore and take them to a homeless shelter, church, or Salvation Army. You can also look for local food drives and donate a bag of food to people who need it. David Gianulias believes in helping others and works hard to better his community.