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David Gianulias Offers Home Building Tips


CEO and Founder of Three G Development, David Gianulias, is well versed in the facets of home building. Having worked with his family’s company for many years to build homes and other recognized structures in Southern California, here he offers tips for others who are looking to build their dream home.

David Gianulias

  • It is important to have a good plan before undertaking a home building project. Improper planning is one of the biggest reasons why home building ventures fails, often costing the home owner a considerable amount of money. Before breaking ground on a new property, double check all of the facts and figures. Verify with the local county as to any ordinances or permit issues that may be in place and keep an inspector on call at all times.
  • All home builders need to know how to budget their funds and how to stick to that budget. If poor planning does not cause a home building mess, a faulty budget will. If after planning the home an owner figures a specific cost, expect that cost to be as much as twenty-five to forty percent higher by the time the house is complete. Unfortunately, building a home is one of the times when hidden costs and spending opportunities run rampant. If there is a certain budget, an amount of money that cannot be crossed, the home builder should always try to come in under that budget.
  • It is always a good idea to seek help from the professionals. People like contractors, engineers, and architects design and build homes for a living. They are an invaluable reference point for any individual home builder. Their services or consultations may cost the builder, but are worth it in the long-run if it means avoiding a mistake that could be even more costly. Often, these professionals will also have a realistic perspective on the space available and how the home should be laid out for the best flow.
  • Many new home builders are wrapped up in the aesthetics of their newly built home, and forget to watch the bare bones. The Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems are parts of the home that are unseen but hugely important. Not only will a poor HVAC system lead to discomfort in the house and higher energy bills, it can also lead to serious health hazards. Proper ventilation, for example, decreases the risk of mold growth. Certain types of mold can be deadly to the home’s inhabitants. Installing HVAC units that are the proper size for the square footage of the home is also important. David Gianulias tells his clients that lighting and window placement is another area where home builders should pay close attention.

David Gianulias and How to Taste Wine


Learning how to properly taste wine is one of the most significant aspects to enjoying a wine experience according to David Gianulias. As one of the family founders of the Levendi Winery in Napa Valley, California, this is a topic that he knows much about. Here he offers his own instructions for proper wine tasting.

Bottle of wine against lavender.
It is important to understand that the mannerisms and customs observed with tasting wine are not meant for show. Each of the four classic wine tasting steps has a purpose that is vital to the overall understanding of the wine that is being presented. When a waiter brings a bottle to be tasted, this is the chance one has to discern if the wine offered is appropriate and at its best for service.

One can tell a great deal just by looking at the color of the wine in their glass. A solid rule of thumb is that if the wine is cloudy or looks to be the wrong color, it should not be drunk. Hold the wine glass against a white backdrop to truly see the color of the wine. Reds that are a lighter color and have more of a brown hue are generally aged longer, while young reds are more purple.

The next step in the tasting process is to smell the wine, thus checking the bouquet. It is important to take a full breath when smelling the wine. If the aroma of the wine is pleasing, the wine will likely b pleasing as well explains David Gianulias.

David Gianulias: How To Form Business Relationships


During his time in the real estate industry, David Gianulias has come to understand the importance of networking and forming strong business relationships. Doing so not only allows a company to enhance its reputation, but will often also lead to the creation of new opportunities for business growth. Forming these relationships is not always an easy task, so try to keep these tips in mind if you are new to the world of business.

Be Authentic

Fellow professionals will quickly be able to tell if you are not being honest with them, or you are trying to convey yourself as something that you aren’t. Inexperienced businesspeople should not present themselves as though they have many years of experience, as this could lead to the relationship souring before it has the chance to develop. Be yourself and be completely honest about what you and your business can offer to others.

Be Human

While business should be a priority in these sorts of relationships, you will find it difficult to form them if you are not going to make an effort to be personable with others. Many business relationships develop because there is a foundation of trust and mutual respect to build upon. This is very difficult to build if you are not willing to talk about yourself as a person or show interest in the lives of your connections outside of work.

Always Deliver

David Gianulias always makes sure that he is able to deliver on any promises that he makes to his connections. This is one of the most important rules when forming and maintaining business relationships. If you don’t deliver on a promise, your connection will be far less likely to present you with more opportunities, which can often be detrimental to your company and may end up with you developing a bad reputation.

David Gianulias – Everything You Ought to Know About Real Estate Investment


David Gianulias is the CEO and President of G Companies, which is focused on real estate development, building, and portfolio management. He comes from a legacy of homebuilding. His grandfather, Charles Hester started his career as a homebuilder in Orange County, California in 1945. Charles Hester co-founded Standard Pacific Development, and built over 60,000 homes. David Gianulias’ father was also a home builder who began his career in 1965, Gianulias began his own career in 1994. He now involved in home building as well as real estate investment, which is a lucrative career for any driven individual.

Real estate investment may seem like a complicated and difficult industry. In some respects, it may be, however it is also a potentially lucrative career for those who are ambitious and dedicated to real estate. There are several different factions within real estate investment. This first, and perhaps the simplest faction, is owning rental properties. These investors purchase either single family homes, or apartment buildings and rent them out. This is a long term investment that offers you a monthly profit. In order to be successful with this style of real estate investment, there are a few key steps to follow. First, make sure that you purchase a property that is located in a sought after neighborhood. Second, before you purchase the property, make sure that you can ask for a rent that is higher than your mortgage payment. Finally, after you find tenants, draw up a contract that you can both agree on and abide by it.

David Gianulias

David Gianulias

The second style of real estate investment is purchasing homes and then reselling them. This is often referred to as flipping houses, and can be lucrative to real estate savvy people. This process involves purchasing a property that has either been foreclosed on, or is in a rundown state. The next step is to renovate the home in a way that will appeal to buyers. People who have a knowledge of real estate are particularly successful because they know the different neighborhoods of a city, and what features will attract buyers. This is a short term investment. Once you have renovated the property, you then sell it for a profit and move on to the next property.

The final style of real estate investment involves building from the ground up. This is usually only accomplished by professionals because it requires a great deal of money, paperwork, and skilled labor. These investors most likely have years of experience in the building industry and are able to navigate their way through contractors, permits, and legalities. These projects are usually taken on by large companies such as G Companies. David Gianulias, the President and CEO of G Companies, has years of experience in real estate investment and building homes in California.