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David Gianulias: Owning A Winery

David Gianulias: Owning A Winery

David Gianulias is the owner of Levendi Winery where he produces numerous types of wine. Owning a winery can be challenging but also very rewarding. If you are thinking about owning a winery or already own one but need some help to make is successful, these tips can help.

Be Involved

The best way to make sure your winery is successful is to be involved with it. You don’t want to start a business and leave it up to other people to operate it. The more you care, the more successful your company will be. Being involved also allows you to quickly deal with issues that may arise.


You want to use the HIGHEST QUALITY GRAPE AND CLONE FROM FIRST CLASS ROOTSTOCK  when you make your wine. Your wine will not only taste better, but more customers and clients will be interested in it if they know you are selective about the products and ingredients you use. Taking your time will develop a better tasting wine.


You want to offer your wine to as many people as possible, but you also have to know your target market. You won’t want to send wine that costs thousands of dollars a bottle to a grocery store to be sold and you won’t want to sell a cheaper wine at a high-end restaurant or bar. Make sure you know your market and plan to distribute your wine appropriately.

If you are passionate about wine and think you can make good wine, you may want to open your own winery. Levendi Winery has been very successful thanks to David Gianulias and you can make your winery successful with the tips above.


David Gianulias: Choosing The Right Wine

David Gianulias: Choosing The Right Wine

David Gianulias knows a thing or two about wine as the owner of Levendi Winery. If you love wine but struggle to choose the right one to pair with certain foods, these tips can help. Pairing your wine correctly can make the food and the wine more enjoyable.

Read The Label

Many people don’t really read the wine label and only buy wine based on the color or the name. When you read the label you will get a better understanding of the flavors in the wine and there may even be pairing suggestions. Don’t skip the labels.

Compare Flavors

A strong meal with rich flavors will need a bold and strong wine to match it. If you are going to be eating a meal with a spicy sauce, red meat or another rich flavor, you will want a bold and hearty wine that can complement it. A light meal will go better with a lighter wine as to not overpower each other.

Match Flavors

If you know a wine consists of certain flavors you can match them to the foods you are eating. If you are eating foods that contain a lot of citrus flavors, choose a wine that has similar tones and flavors. This allows them to pair well together.

Many people enjoy wine with meals and David Gianulias knows that not everyone knows how to pair their wine correctly. The above tips can help you pair wine with food so you can enjoy both of them more.

David Gianulias: Enjoying Wine To The Fullest


David Gianulias is passionate about wine and even operates his own winery. If you love wine, you want to make sure you are enjoying it to the fullest. These tips can help you taste, smell and experience your favorite wine on a different level.

Let The Wine Breathe

If you want your wine to be as tasty as possible, you should let it breathe for several hours before you drink it. This is especially necessary for red wine. The older the wine, the less time it needs to breathe; the younger, the more time it needs. This allows the flavor to become more robust.

Enjoy The Aroma

A lot of the enjoyment from wine comes from the aroma. Make sure you do not hurry to drink it before you enjoy the aroma. Swirl the wine around in your glass for several seconds before taking your first drink. This will release the fragrance.

Swish It

You want the wine to coat your mouth when you drink it. Take a sip and swish it around in your mouth before swallowing. You may even want to spit out the first sip after you have tasted it. This allows you to get a direct taste of the wine. Remember to breathe in as you are tasting it to get the full experience.

David Gianulias produces over 30 types of wines at his winery. Each one of them has a unique taste. To truly enjoy wine, follow the above tips to learn how to use all of your senses to experience it.

David Gianulias Explains His Wine Choosing Process


Serving as one of the founders of the Levendi Winery in California, David Gianulias is known amongst his friends as a great resource for wine knowledge. Many people ask him how he chooses which wine to bring to a gathering or function held by someone else. To answer their queries, he gives the following advice.

Bottle of wine against lavender.

  • For those who are new to the world of wine, selecting the right offering for a dinner party or other occasion can be very intimidating. Before shopping for a wine choice, it is important to ask a few questions and understand the nature of the gathering. Armed with a little knowledge beforehand will make the whole process easier and overall more successful.
  • In most cases, wine selection will firstly be determined by the food that is being served at the event. Knowing how to pair wine with food is something that is learned over time. There are, however, a few standard rules that can make even the novice wine connoisseur have an easier time in choosing.
  • If the event will also serve food that is bold in flavor, the wine must accentuate and have the ability to stand up to those robust flavors. This is often the case when red meats, game, and acidic or tomato based pasta sauces are being served. For these types of menus, choose a red wine. If the food served will be lighter in flavor, such as chicken, fish, or creamy sauces, choose a white wine. The exception to this rule is when spicy foods are served. Regardless of whether the foods would fit into the traditional red or white categories, it is smart to pair spicy foods with a sweeter wine to promote balance on the palate.
  • If the event will not have food served as well, a few classic choices for sipping wines include a Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or Riesling. Certain Sauvignon Blancs are also good for simple sipping without the accompaniment of foods.
  • The next choice Gianulias will make is based on the region where the grapes were grown. He is of course partial to the Napa Valley region, though knows that many fabulous vintages are found around the world. He recommends that those who are new to wine play it safe and select wines from France or the Tuscan region of Italy.
  • To narrow down his selection at this point, he must choose a specific varietal or blend. If, for example, he has determined that a red wine from Australia will be the hit of the party, he often selects a Syrah. Depending upon the food and the region, there are still many delicious choices at hand, explains David Gianulias.

David Gianulias – 3 Tips for Succeeding as a CEO


Chief executive officers (CEOs) have a high powered position and a great deal of responsibility. In January of 2007, David Gianulias became the president and CEO of G Companies, a real estate development, building, and portfolio management company. He is a third generation homebuilder who worked hard to make his way up through the company. Successful CEOs are often hardworking individuals who are dedicate to their careers and companies.

David Gianulias

Dedication is an essential part of success for any CEO. As the chief executive officer, you need to believe in your company and want to do everything possible to make the company, as a whole, successful. It is important for you to be completely dedicated to the company itself and to the employees of your company. This is one of the most important tips for success.

Another tip for succeeding as a CEO is to be as innovative as possible. You should always be looking for ways to expand your company. It is important to find unique ways to grow that will increase your company’s profit and popularity.

A third key to succeeding as a CEO is networking. Every professional should develop great networking skills. As the CEO of a company, you should work on making connections throughout your industry. These connections could lead to future investors, and opportunities for growth.

Becoming a CEO often requires a lot of hard work and ambition. David Gianulias is the successful CEO of a homebuilding company in California. He spent years working his way up to this position, and works hard to keep his company successful.

David Gianulias: How to Succeed as a Homebuilder


David Gianulias is a third generation home builder. His grandfather, Charles Hester, was one of the original homebuilders of Orange County whom had begun building in 1947. There are many companies that build residential properties throughout the United States. However, there aren’t too many that truly put into detail the passion and concerns of the future families that will be residing in one of their homes. This tradition is instilled in each Gianulias generation. David is on the Board of Directors of G Companies and the President and CEO of Three G Development, which develops real estate in California. He is a skilled businessman and dedicated to building homes to benefit the lives of future families.

Succeeding in a competitive industry can be very difficult for obvious reasons. A company that builds residential homes should follow several business practices in order to gain success and beat out their competition. The first step to success to consider is easy…location, location, location! A homebuilder should look for undeveloped parts of the city that are in ideal locations. Most families want to live in homes that are in a good school district and are easy commutes to business hubs and shopping centers. When looking for a new piece of land, a homebuilder should keep each of those factors in mind.

The second step to success is for the homebuilder to work with skilled contractors, subcontractors, and construction builders to build a home that has secure foundations and is built to last. Therefore, it is important for these professionals to work with skilled men and women who are able to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship. It is essential to build a safe and sturdy home that will last for years to come.

The third step to success is marketing. A homebuilder should be able to market his or her properties well. By doing so, this will help in bringing in potential home buyers and/or renters. Homes should be priced so that it’s comparable with the competitors’ size and style of the home. By also widely marketing your homes it increases the demographics and herby reaching a larger target audience. David was born into the home building industry, but continues to work hard to keep his companies up-to-date with new changes that ultimately leads to their success.

David Gianulias: The Secret to Making Amazing Wine


Wine has a long history that spans across the world. David Gianulias comes from a long line of Greek wine makers. He’s a third generation homebuilder who grew up sampling his family’s homemade wine. The Gianulias family recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.  It is just now becoming a brand the public is beginning to recognize. The Gianulias family opened Levendi Winery in 2003 and has made an assortment of delightful, award winning wines that are widely distributed today. David learned early in life that the secret to making amazing wine is multifaceted. He loves the challenges that being in the beverage business bring and the creativeness that comes out through wine making.

Award winning wine is often the result of a knowledgeable winemaker. A vintner, or wine maker, should understand the differences between species of grapes and should be able to combine flavors in order to create a fragrant and delicious wine. A good vintner understands the history of wine making and has a working knowledge of a wide array of techniques and practices. A great wine is almost always hinged on a winemaker’s skill set.

Amazing wines are often made from a recipe that has been passed down for many generations. These long standing recipes have been perfected over time and vintage a delectable, traditional wine. People have been and will be making and enjoying wine for centuries and centuries to come. Many families pass down the tradition of wine making, and share special secret recipes that most often craft the greatest of wines.

A winemaker who regularly produces phenomenal wines is willing to get creative with his or her recipe and method. Experimenting with flavors can often result in the creation of unique new out of pure serendipity. David Gianulias has all the qualities to create wines that carry on the traditions of his family recipes, and award winning wines that have unique flavors and fragrances.