Newport Beach California


One of the most beautiful and exciting places to travel on the west coast is Newport Beach California. David Gianulias is was born and raised in Newport Beach, where his grandfather Charles Hester began the business that he is now President and CEO of, G Companies. Newport Beach holds a special place in Gianulias’ heart.

David GianuliasIt could also hold a place in your heart, if you come and see all of the wonderful opportunities that Newport Beach has to offer. Depending on when you come, it could be restaurant week, a great chance to experience the world class local cuisine, or you could come to celebrate music during the Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series.

Sunset cruises, wine tastings, surfing, sailing, hiking or live entertainment are all available in Newport Beach, and you will likely find plenty of relaxing and fun things to fill your time during your stay.
If cinema is your passion, you could come during Newport Beach Film Festival week and get your fill of the newest up and coming independent films. If you want some excitement, come during the week of the Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race.

Or if you prefer to come and just enjoy all of the wonderful shopping, championship caliber golfing or a spa day, you can have a more relaxing experience and just soak up the wonderful Newport Beach lifestyle.

Whatever life you lead, whatever vacation you desire, Newport Beach has something for you. Take a chance, and plan your visit today.


About David Gianulias

David Gianulias likes to be active and stay in shape. He also enjoys the outdoors. He often goes mountain bike riding. It helps him relax and unwind and also gives him a chance to get some fresh air. Mountain biking may be challenging at times, but it is one of his favorite hobbies and pastimes and some he tries to do as often possible.

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